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We have great people doing great work. From concept through delivery, our team will listen, advise, and creatively bring your brand and business to life.

Web Solutions

We have great people doing great work! From concept through delivery, our web designers will listen, advise, and deliver creatively professional websites in line with clear marketing strategies.

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Importance of a Professional Web Design

Websites have fast become an essential business marketing tool. A website is also the element that will define who and what your business is, and many consumers will make a purchasing decision based solely on the comfort level they have attained from visiting your website.

Design Intent (Purpose & Strategy)

Design intent is typically precluded through strategic business and marketing planning. However, it is an effective solution - especially if you don't have a current plan and directive in place. With websites we need to establish what the purpose of the site is, for example.

  • Brochure site (corporate branding and identification);
  • Ecommerce (sell products online - would require incorporating strategies to convert users and induce sales to reach your sales objectives)

Other considerations:
  • Who is your target audience i.e.
  • Business-to-Business
  • Consumer (and their demographics - age, location)
  • Competition
  • ..and many more factors.

Your ROI will significantly increase when you employ an intended and planned purpose in every aspect of your marketing effort. Period.

The bottom line is that you should make sure that you work with marketing and creative people that understand and do more than make pretty pictures. Your business success depends on it.

Planning & Strategies : Atmark Business Consulting

Your entire marketing effort (including your website) should be consistent, and in line with your business objectives, branding , & positioning. These are critical factors when presenting yourself to your audience. It's more than colors and graphics - it's about signifying who you are, what you do, who your market is, and why you are different.

Business and marketing plans are your roadmap and will help you define and strategize everything in your business - including your branding, positioning, and purpose.

We can help you If you need help with strategizing or putting together a business plan or marketing plan.

Visit our Small Business Consulting website for more information :

Atmark business consulting

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